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Bikram Yoga of the Tri-Cities is owned and operated by sisters Ashley Hooper and Angie Casassa. The Tri-Cities natives opened the studio – the first Bikram-affiliated studio in eastern Washington – in September 2007, and feel privileged to share the health benefits of the practice with their community.

Ashley Hooper of Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities

Angie Casassa, Bikram Choudhury, Ashley Hooper

Ashley Hooper

A lifelong gymnast and dancer, Ashley discovered her passion for yoga while attending a Bikram class with her mother. The transition from gymnastics and dance to yoga was a natural one for Ashley, who appreciates the practice for its therapeutic physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Ashley completed Bikram’s teacher training in Los Angeles in 2002, where she lived for five years while teaching at Bikram’s International World Headquarters and at other Bikram studios in the area and throughout the United States.

In 2006, Ashley earned the title of world champion during the International Yoga Asana Championship competition.

From her home in Kennewick, Washington, Ashley travels worldwide to participate in Bikram teacher training as both a student and instructor, as well as to teach at Bikram studios. She also travels with Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, to serve as his asana demonstrator.

Angie Casassa of Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities

Ashley Hooper and Angie Casassa

Angie Casassa

Angie, a registered nurse, was introduced to Bikram yoga by her mother and sister during a family trip to Portland, Oregon. Her first class was one of the most challenging experiences of her life, but she was hooked. As soon as she returned to her home in Ashland, Oregon, she found the closest Bikram studio and enrolled.

She returned to the Tri-Cities in 2003, and in 2005 attended Bikram teacher training in Los Angeles, the first step toward opening a studio with her sister in the Tri-Cities.

After a lot of hard work and plenty of patience, the studio opened in 2007.

In July 2011, Angie and her husband welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world after an easy pregnancy that she credits to her yoga practice. Throughout her pregnancy, she practiced Bikram Yoga faithfully, using the pregnancy modifications to accommodate the changes in her body.

Angie considers the yoga a complement to her background as a nurse, because of the therapeutic benefits it offers to those who practice it.

All of the teachers at Bikram Yoga, Tri-Cities are Bikram Certified Instructors:

Angie Casassa of Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities

Joann Schinner, Graduated Spring 2011

Angie Casassa of Bikram Yoga Tri-Cities

Ray Tebeck, Graduated Fall 2011

We all look forward to seeing you in class!